PVC fittings


• Manufactured from high quality PVC compound
• Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance to most acidic and alkaline solutions.
• Exceptionally durable and highly resilient.
• Moulded with precision to match the pipes.
• Conforming to IS 7834, IS 554, ISO 727, DIN, 8063 standards.
• Nominal pressure, PN16 with reduced safety factor of 2.5.
• PVC injection moulded fittings are also available in lower pressure rating of 6 kg/cm2 (57psi) suitable for flow irrigation and low pressure piping network (tested at 200 / 2.62 times nominal working pressure).
• Fabricated fittings available for all sizes and pressure classes.
• Quick fix fittings (fabricated) available for sizes from 63 mm to 315 mm and pressure class up to 12.5 kg/cm2