drip irrigation pipes

• Manufactured from high performance virgin polyethylene using advanced extrusion technology.
• Use of state-of-the-art technology ensure close dimensional tolerance and longer life.
• Resistant to UV radiation & environmental effects.
• Cylindrical dripper with an inbuilt silicon diaphragm ensures consistent performance for longer time.
• Online stringent quality checks at every stage.
• Especially suitable for undulating terrain and sleep slopes.
• Wide pressure compensation range from 0.5-4 kg/cm2.
• Self-cleaning, diaphragm retracts dynamically to throw away particles which are blocking the emitter.
• Specially designed emitting pipes fittings are available.
• Minimum 100 micron filtration recommended.
• Available in standard dripper spacing 20, 30, 50, to 100 CM. other spacing and group spacing are available on demand.
• On demand, available with rodent deterrent feature