US dripper irrigation lines

Drip irrigation system depends on the performance of the inner dripper, which is always the focus of our work.
From our more than 22 years of experience, we found that there are obstacles and problems in the field of irrigation facing the farmer during the irrigation process. Such as the dripper blockage when irrigating via the water of rivers (Bahary), because the high rate of impurities and silt, reducing the efficiency of the dripper.

We always aiming to specialization, therefore we have cooperated with major American companies to design a unique dripper that overcome the problem of blockage with a high rate, and makes the dripper work efficiently under extreme operating conditions.

1- Highly flexible, makes the dripper operate efficiently under extreme conditions.
2- Short water passage, which reduce the opportunity to blockage comparing to the other drippers.
3- Path characterized by high water from entering the inner surface of the dotted which does not allow the entry of any impurities inside tracks.
4- Featuring Btadhaq paths which are not allowed to enter any water impurities inside the dotted.
5- Regularly features a flow rate and lower coefficient of variation in disposition between drippers.