Quality Tests

The European company makes test hose in the following entities:
1- Center for Agricultural Studies and Consulting – College of Agriculture – Hamah Ain Shams
And by a group of scientists under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abd Ghani soldier – a professor of agricultural engineering – Dean and Director of the Center.
2- The Egyptian Agricultural Society and registered (Ri \ revision \ line revision \ test 05)
The tests were conducted under the supervision of Messrs.
Mr. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Hijazi – Professor and Head of Department of Agricultural Engineering – College of Agriculture – Ain Shams University.
Mr. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Nabil Al-Awadi – a professor at the Faculty of Agriculture – Ain Shams University – President of the Egyptian Society of Agricultural Engineering

Materials :
Characterized by the company from other companies that it is supplying raw materials PURE 100% each manufacturing Khartoum and the dotted components are supplied by international companies in the production of petrochemicals directly, such as:

Quality department:

Begins the role of quality control since the beginning of the entry of raw materials agreed upon according to international standards and are tested with the latest hardware test materials inside the company factory. And extends the role of quality control during the manufacturing phase control manufacturing and conducting follow-up testing and inspection of each stage to get the product to the highest level in quality Alnha├║ah.o reach the role of quality control in the laboratory to conduct tests necessary for the product throughout the 24 hours to examine the production first hand, such as: –

* Test devices and environmental cracking.
* Test explosion pressure.
* Black carbon ratio test.
* Test distribution and homogeneity of carbon black.