Organizer Dripper irrigation lines

This dripper was made to compensate for the pressure making, which includes a cylindrical drip PC2, and provides dual resistance to clogging and increase stability in performance over time, and despite the length of the line.

• The large flow path dripper, entrances double filtration wider and compensate for pressure (0.5 to 4.5 bar), and unmatched.
• This dripper is characterized by the double self-cleaning each time it is during the operation and reliable operation and less maintenance day after day
• Even the most high field changes no change in pressure PC2, and to ensure the plants from the top to the bottom of the hill will get exactly the same amount of water.
• Standard and custom emitter spacing available in multiples of 15 to 200 cm.
• Ideal applications include vineyards, orchards, gardens, and row crops, and cotton in the undulating surface and underground terrain alike.