Al Alrabia Consulting

Fields of activity
1- Cadastral works
2- Design work for the irrigation networks
3- Business combinations irrigation networks and maintenance
4- Engineering consultancy
5- Agricultural Advisors

We are uniquely we are working under the supervision of Academy
• As well as being the work of surveying and topographic maps of the different areas by engineers and specialists with the latest devices such as cadastral Altautal Station and GP feed devices.
• The company is all cadastral and business budgets networks and calculate quantities of drilling and backfilling of all desert lands, agricultural, residential and agricultural associations, companies and individuals using the latest surveying programs work.
• The company works with all the division of land and determine ownership of agricultural associations, companies and individuals.
• The company also makes designs for all types of modern irrigation networks and greenhouses through the work of a team of top-notch engineers highly experienced with taking into account the geographical location of the land and the quality of the soil and climate, as well as quality and water sources and the type of crop.
• After the completion of the design work is to provide a statement of the contents of the client vocabulary encouraging parts of the network of main lines and half the major and subsidiary to allow a review of the client’s network during installation.
• The company offers all kinds of services and maintenance of the networks after installation.
• It is characterized by the company is cooperating with all studies centers and engineering consultancy in the work of all the studies and provide our expertise in cadastral areas and irrigation networks.
• The company’s Engineering Office offering discounted business cycles in the total station and various applications and the GPS and various applications in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering in Shubra and give certified
• The company works with all installation, implementation and designs plants and consequently all the filters that match the importer and which are used on farms and also used in filtering water sewage treatment for major tree planting forests, which are used in drinking water and sewage companies.
• The customer is delivered a copy of the cadastral maps and designs required by AutoCAD coordinates, as well as CD.